Packing Service & Packaging Materials

Sit back, relax and let us pack!

Packing done right by Helping Hand

The new premises can only be a real pleasure if the beloved residential objects make their way undamaged. This requires packaging professionals and the correct packaging materials. We dismantle your furniture, lamps and take the painting off the walls. Pack everything professionally and efficiently. Not only do you avoid unfortunate damage, you also save a lot of time. Because the right packaging takes most of the time when moving.

Packing your most valued items

Certain valuable items, such as delicate art work, expensive mirrors, sculptures etc. need special handling. For these items we highly recomend our crating service. We will take exact measurments of these unreplacable items and provide a custom made crate forit. This guarantees a save transport.

Our new packing shop!

Visit our packing shop in Ebmatingen. We have all the packaging you need for your move, all sorts of cardboard boxes such as special book boxes, chinaware boxes, clothing boxes, as well as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, tissue paper, adhesive tape and much more ... Visit the section Packaging material for detailed products. When you book your move with Helping Hand, we even deliver the packing material to your home in advance and free of cost.