Transport means logistics; our transport service offers you the right solution. Whether it is a Single piece of furniture, or a few items, a piano, or a valuable sculpture, we offer a flexible solution.
  • Furniture Transport

    “Transport” does not always equal “transport”. Transportation of furniture is as easy as it may seem. Furniture removal can be a complex and tricky procedure. Why not let the professionals transport your precious items. Our trained staff is accustomed to the handling of treasured, delicate and antique items of furniture. The right packaging and protective material is crucial to ensure safe transportation. Helping Hand provides this and packs items for damage free transportation. You can rely on us; we transport your valuable possessions wherever you need to be – even abroad.
  • General Cargo

    In cooperation with transportation and logistics partners in Switzerland and abroad, we transport your goods in a timely manner, globally.
  • Collective Transport

    Are you looking for an affordable transportation solution in the region of Zurich, and are flexible on timing? Then we have the perfect solution. We will collect your cargo, such as a piece of furniture and deliver on the same day. These round trips are planned and so you save as we will combine your cargo collection and delivery requests with other clients. We do request your flexibility with regards to pick up and delivery times, but we will endeavor to communicate this to the very best of our ability.
  • Piano Transport

    Helping Hand transports instruments such as pianos. We have the necessary equipment and experience. Also concert pianos can be transported using a stair robot. As an additional service, we offer a tuning service; this is usually suitable a few weeks after delivery.
  • Art Transport

    Our staff understands the sentimental value and often financial value of your treasured works of art. They know how cherished these items can be, as so often a painting is quite literally one of a kind, and must therefore be treated accordingly. We will specifically customize transportation crates and boxes for your valuable assets and the provide the appropriate packaging materials including: bubble wrap, edge protectors and parchment paper as well as our professional packing service to guarantee safe transportation and delivery.
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  • Klaviertransport
  • Möbeltransport