Helping Hand - your Transport and Logistics Partner in Switzerland and Worldwide

Transport means logistics and includes everything that must be transported, stored and forwarded. Our transport service offers you a flexible service and we always try to find the best and most suitable solution for your request. We transport everything from individual pieces of furniture, works of art, pianos, pallets and packages over entire removals of home furnishings or corporate businesses, both domestically and abroad as well as overseas. Transport orders are offered either as individual trips or as collective transports by Helping Hand. For example, one of our focal points is groupage transport on the A1 route between Zurich, Bern and Geneva in connection with transports from the Zug and Lucerne region. However, we also offer transport and collective transport throughout Switzerland, including from or to Ticino, Graubünden or St. Gallen. Express transport and courier services can also often be arranged at short notice. Of course, our furniture warehouse and logistics center in Ebmatingen is at your disposal when it comes to storage as well as deliveries. New furniture logistics is also a focus of our service and includes the acceptance of packages and distribution to the end customer, including storage and assembly by our assembly service. Overseas shipping of individual items up to entire containers as well as air freight are also part of our specialty. You can rely on our service; we are happy to support you with special inquiries such as heavy weight transports or the use of special equipment such as a crane or exterior furniture lift. Call us now or request an offer.
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Furniture Transport

“Transport” does not always equal “transport”. Transportation of furniture is not as easy as it may seem. Furniture removal can be a complex and tricky procedure. Why not let the professionals transport your precious items. Our trained staff is accustomed to the handling of treasured, delicate and antique items of furniture. The right packaging and protective material is crucial to ensure safe transportation. Helping Hand provides this and packs items for damage free transportation. You can rely on us; we transport your valuable possessions wherever you need to be – even abroad.

General Cargo

In cooperation with transportation and logistics partners in Switzerland and abroad, we transport your goods in a timely manner, globally.

Collective and Combined Transports

We have recently started collecting trips in the Zurich region and troughout Switzerland for single items. We collect your cargo and individual objects, such as furniture, a sofa or the like, and then deliver to your requested destination. The tours are planned and the routes are defined. A short intermediate storage in our furniture warehouse is included in the price. You can save thanks to these combination options. Your flexibility is required, as this offer is only suitable for combinations. However, we strive to do this promptly. Ask us about the possibilities and our currently planned destinations, or ask to be added to our pending list.

Courier Services and Express Transportation

Do you need an express delivery? Whether it is important letters, files, a small package or larger objects, we deliver your shipment at short notice and with the greatest confidence within Switzerland.
We schedule your urgent or important shipments within just 2 hours and deliver them within Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne or other locations in Switzerland.