Monthly Rountrips and Collective Transports between Zürich- Luzern- Bern & Geneva

Our newest goul is entire Switzerland
From June 2020, we will be offering our newest service: Low-cost transport throughout Switzerland, with a focus on the A1 motorway route between Zurich- Bern and Geneva. We drive to all communities on this route. We also offer pickups and delivery in Zug & Luzern and this region with our cross country offer. We hereby offer an inexpensive transport option for small quantities, individual pieces of furniture and single items like furniture. For other locations throught Switzerland, ask for our posibilities. With our main hubs in Zürich and Geneva, we are able to store your items and collect them for the next deliveries.
Cross Country Collective Transports- Zürich, Luzern, Bern, Geneva
What kind of goods are transported in these collective transports?
Collective transport and additional loads are suitable for single items, individual furniture, luggage and suitcases, as well as small items or paletts. We transport antiques that are professionally packed for transport by our specialists, and paletts can also be loaded on the tour. We basically transport everything that is quickly loaded and unloaded. If you need transportation from Zurich to Bern, from Bern to Geneva, from Olten to Solothurn, or from Zug to Lausanne, no matter where, we combine the goods and transport them for you. We can also transport art objects professionally. Our vehicles are designed for furniture transportation and we guarantee a trustworthy service.
How often are these collective transports carried out?
In June 2020 we will conduct the first such collective tour. In the future we will carry out group transports between Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva at least once a month. Depending on the request, we schedule the trips and carry them out as quickly as possible so that the customer does not have to wait too long for the delivery. Our goal is to offer these groupage shipments as often as possible. Pick-ups in the city of Zurich and neighboring municipalities as well as in Geneva can be arranged almost daily, we store your items in our furniture warehouse until delivery. This storage is absolutely free of charge for you. Our partner in Geneva is also available for pick-up and store items in their warehouse. The trips are carried out in both directions, i.e. Zurich to Geneva and Geneva to Zurich. Ask us about pickups in other regions of Switzerland. Along the entire route, we work with various partners who can pick up your furniture and goods and transport them on time and will store them for you until we collect and deliver the goods. We offer this service in all major cities in Switzerland. Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Zug, Baden, Olten, Solothurn, Biel, Neuchatel, Lausanne and Geneva are the focus of the municipalities and cities on the route. Do you need transportation from Basel, Chur, Tesin, or other regions of Switzerland? Here too we will find a suitable transport option for you. In the future, we will also expand our routes and also regularly visit these locations. In principle, collections and deliveries are possible throughout Switzerland. Partner companies throughout Switzerland are helping us here to make this possible for you. Send us a non-binding inquiry if you have a need for a transport. We organize the entire logistics for you.
Which locations do we serve?
The A1 is the main traffic axis between Zurich and Bern and Bern and Geneva and runs across Switzerland. We control all municipalities and larger cities on this route. These naturally include (from east to west) Zurich, Aarau, Olten, Baden, Bern, Solothurn, Lausanne, Neuchatel, and Geneva. Of course we offer the routes in both directions. Zug and Lucerne are also very well connected with Zurich and Bern through the Uetliberg tunnel, so we can also combine towns on this route and in the whole of Centralschweiz. Depending on the volume of orders, we plan the route via Lucerne and / or Bern.
Can moving goods or even an entire move be carried out as a "collective shipment"?
In principle, moves can also be combined. We can include additional loads with your move, or we can combine a smaller move as an additional load for our group trip. It always depends on the size and volume of the move, as well as your ability to be flexible with pick-up and delivery dates. Ask us about the possibilities. We are happy to examine possible combinations and then offer you discounts on your move. We also try to avoid empty trips as much as possible from an ecological perspective, so groupage and additional loads are an optimal way to avoid these empty trips.
In which towns and municipalities are these group transports started?
Pickup and delivery in 8001 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8002 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8003 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8004 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8005 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8006 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8008 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8032 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8037 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8038 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8041 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8044 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8045 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8046 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8047 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8048 Zurich Pickup and delivery in 8049 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8050 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8051 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8052 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8053 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8055 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8057 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8064 Zurich Pickup and Delivery in 8702 Zolliko n Pick-ups and deliveries in 8702 Pick-ups and deliveries in 8135 Horgen 8134 Adliswil 8180 Bülach 810. Pick-ups and deliveries in Regensdorf 8152 Opfikon 8127 Küsnacht (ZH) Pick-ups and deliveries in 8125 Zollikon 8122 Binz 8123 Ebmatingen 8124 Maur 8124 Aeschli155ettels 8157 8154 Kastel 8154 8155 Nassenwil 8155 Niederhasli 8155 Steinacker 8156 Oberhasli 8127 Guldenen Pick-up and delivery in 8132 Egg 8132 Eichholz 8132 Hinteregg 8132 Inner-Vollikon 8132 Neuhaus 8132 Rällikon 8132 Schaubigen 8132 Usser-Vollikon Pick-up and delivery in 8133 Esslingen 8133 Niederlingen 8133 Esslingen 8117 Neuhausen 8118 Pfaffhausen 8121 Benglen 8135 Langnau am Albis 8153 Rümlang 8102 Oberengstringen 8154 Oberglatt 8157 Dielsdorf 8107 Buchs (ZH) Pick-ups and deliveries in 8126 Zumikon 8172 Niederglatt 8193 Eglisau 819. Glattfelden 819219193 Neul3192 Aarlen (ZH) 81 97 Rafz 8184 Bachenbülach Municipality 8142 Uitikon 8185 Winkel 8108 Dällikon 8103 Unterengstringen 8143 Stallikon 8162 Steinmaur 8173 Neerach 8166 Niederweningen 8112 Otelfingen 8181 Höri 8182 Hochfelden 8114 Dänikon 8165 Oberweningen 8165 Schöfflisoppels 8165 8115 8115711 8115 716 8115 716 8115 711 8115 716 8115 8115 716 8115 8115 716 8115 816 8195 Wasterkingen 8158 Regensberg 8715 Rapperswil-Jona 8712 Stäfa 8700 Küsnacht (ZH) 8706 miles 8702 Zollikon 8708 Männedorf 8714 Hombrechtikon 8704 Herrliberg 8707 Uetikon am See 8703 Erlenbach (ZH) 8804 Au 8820 Berg 8810 Wallen10 8810 Tannenbach 8810 Waldegg 8815 Horgenberg 8800 Thalwil 88 .. Freienbach 8805 Burghalden 8805 Richterswil 8833 Saturdayern 8853 Lachen 8802 Kilchberg (ZH) 8832 Wollerau 8852 Altendorf 8803 Rüschlikon 8854 Siebnen 8855 Nuolen 8855 Wangen 8864 Reichenburg 8856 Tuggen 88önen Hireln ZH 8855 Uster 8606 Nänikon 8606 Werrikon 8610 Kirch uster 8610 Niederuster 8610 Nossikon 8610 Oberuster 8610 Winikon-Gschwader 8614 Sulzbach 8615 Freudwil 8615 Wermatswil 8616 Riedikon 8640 Rapperswil-Jona 8640 Kempraten 8640 Rapperswil 8645 Jona 8646 Wagen 8600 Dübendorf 8620 Wetzikon (ZH) 8620 Ettenhausen 8620 Medikonen 2020 Robikon2020 8623 Kempten 8604 Volketswil 8604 Hegnau 8604 Kindhausen 8604 Volketswil 8604 Zimikon 8605 Gutenswil 8640 Freienbach 8630 Rüti (ZH) 8625 Gossau (ZH) 8614 Bertschikon 8624 Grüt 8625 Gossau 8626 Brüschweid 8626 Hellberg 8626 Herschmmettlen Wald26attenbachberg 8626 Zhikon 346 866 Ottikon 8626 Mettlen 8636 Hittenberg 8636 Hüebli 8636 Wald 8637 Laupen 8634 Hombrechtikon 8602 Wangen-Brüttisellen 8635 Dürnten 8632 Tann 8635 Breitenmatt 8635 Dürnten 8635 Oberdürnten 8608 Bubikon 8608 Barenberg 8608 Bubikon 8608 Bürg 8608 Wändhüslen 8660 Berchtikon 866 Berlikon 866 Berchtikon 8633 Berlikon 866 Berchtikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 8633 Berlikon 833 336 Oetwil am See 8617 Mönchalt orf 8627 Grüningen 8607 Seegräben 8953 Dietikon Stadt 8952 Schlieren 8909 Affoltern am Albis 8909 Zwillikon 8910 Oberdorf 8910 Unterdorf 8957 Spreitenbach 8902 Urdorf 8903 Birmensdorf (ZH) 8906 Bonstetten 8942 Oberrieden 8912 Obfelden 8954 Geroldswil Municipality 8907 Wettswil 896 Rudolfstetten am Albisberg 8951 Weiningen (ZH) 8967 Widen 8908 Hedingen 8915 Hausen am Albis Municipality 8915 Hausen am Albis 8915 Hinteralbis 8915 Mittelalbis 8915 Oberalbis 8915 Tüfenbach 8915 Türlen 8915 Vollenweid 8925 Ebertswil 8925 Husertal 8925 Schweikhof 8913 Ottenbach 8962 Bergdietikon 8955 Limmi an der Limmil Oberlunkhofen 8914 Aeugst am Albis 8934 Knonau 8916 Jonen 8956 Killwangen 8904 Aesch (ZH) 8926 Kappel am Albis