Courier Services & Express Transportation

Do you need an express delivery? Whether it is important letters, files, a small package or larger objects, we deliver your shipment at short notice and with the greatest confidence within Switzerland.

We schedule your urgent or important shipments within just 2 hours and deliver them within Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne or other locations in Switzerland.

    Express transportation Zurich

    If you have urgent items that need to be delivered we can schedule a delivery within 2 hours of confirmation in Zurich.

    Courier service Switzerland

    Helping Hand offers an excellent courier service all around Switzerland. We can schedule express deliveries for Basel, Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich, Bern and any other Kanton in Switzerland

    Helping Hand transport service

    We offer a simple solution to transportation. Anywhere you need your item to go within a small time frame, we can manage. We are experts at express deliveries.