Storage Containers

At Helping Hand you can even rent a container and store your household items. This saves you the time spent on storing and retrieving. We deliver the container to your door on the desired date. Our moving specialists pack the objects and furniture and store them in the container. The container is then picked up and stored in the furniture container depot. Your household items remain in this safe and air-conditioned warehouse until you need them again. It will be delivered to the new home address in the same container.

    Rent a container - Helping Hand

    If you have a lot of items or even an entire household that you need to have stored in a safe place that nobody can open, we offer a great solution with our storage containers. They are perfect for storing large quantaties of items for a long time in a safe space.

    Packing the container - Helping Hand

    Our team of professional packers can pack your container efficiently. We can make sure everything is ready for when you decide to unload it.

    Container storage - Helping Hand

    Your personal container will be stored in a container warehouse where it will stay until you are ready to empty it.