Moving and Interim- Storage

Can't you move into your new apartment yet? We have the solution!

Sometimes it is not possible to move directly from one apartment to another because the new apartment or the new residential property is not yet available for moving in. Renovation work may still be taking place, or cleaning has not yet been completed. But it can also be that the party has not yet moved out due to overlapping dates. In this case we have various storage options and solutions for you:
Short-term storage in our furniture warehouse in Ebmatingen ZH
With smaller volumes of 1 to 3 room apartments, it can be worthwhile to temporarily store your goods in our furniture storage and furniture storage. Our furniture warehouse is safe, dry and clean and an inexpensive solution on over 1000 m2. Of course, we not only take care of the transport to the warehouse and relocation to your new apartment, but also offer our support with packing and professionally dismantle your furniture. The warehouse is charged at CHF 15.00 / month based on the actual volume, and you only pay for the space that you need. For shorter storage periods, we also offer you a flat rate or bill according to actual days.
Short-term storage in a container
For larger interim storage, we recommend storage in a container storage unit. The container is transported directly to your home, our team loads the goods safely into the container for you, then stores the container in the container storage depot, where your goods are safely stored. When you move out, the same container with your belongings will be delivered to your new home address, unloaded again by our staff and your furniture will be placed and reassembled as you require. This variant often saves a lot of time and protects your furniture, as the goods do not have to be stored and retrieved several times.
Short-term interim storage in the truck swap body
As with the container, your furniture and household items can also be temporarily stored in a truck swap body. This is a mobile box that is placed on the chassis of the truck and is delivered directly to the address of your choice. After loading it by our furniture carriers and removal specialists, the truck container is placed in a secure hall and stored for a short termd. The volume of the box is 45 m3 and is ideally suited for furniture transport and storage.
Whether your household effects and removal goods are to be stored in our furniture warehouse, in a swap body or in a container, we offer you the most sensible option and are happy to advise you. Contact us for a non-binding quote for your move and storage.

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