International Removals & Overseas Relocation

No matter where, we’ll get you there, worldwide!

Our moving service knows no boundaries. Whether in Switzerland, Europe or overseas. We offer worldwide relocation and moving services and coordinate your with our experienced and proven moving partners worldwide so that your furniture arrives on time and safely at your domicile. We always make sure that the quality of our partners meets the high standards of the Helping Hand, and we make sure that your valuable goods reach your new destination safely.

The careful planning and handling of an international move is crucial and must be adapted to regional characteristics. After our moving specialist and consultant for international and overseas removals has come to see you personally to make a survey and to inspect the move, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for your entire project, door to door, near or far incl. any response to your extra wishes or concerns that you may have.

European Removals and Relocations
Moves in Europe are usually carried out by road transport. Destinations such as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Spain as well as the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia are often combined by groupage loads if possible, which also reduces the price. Certain destinations are approached even on a weekly basis. Eastern Europe and Greece can also be easily reached through our network. Usually, the furniture does not need to be packed for export, as we work with freight forwarders and moving partners who are well equipped with blankets and protective moving materials, but we always take highest care and pack particularly delicate items such as art, antiques, glass, marble electronics, etc. and create a suitable packaging or freight crate to ensure a safe transportation. If you wish, our team will take care of the entire packaging and offer you our full-service packing service. The dismantling of the furniture is done by our specialists, and the truck is loaded by our team. The unloading at the destination as well as the unpacking and assembly of furniture at the destination is then covered by our partner. Customs clearance is also handled by us; we will ask you to provide us with all the required documents ahead of time so that we can notify the customs clearance agent in advance.
Overseas and Container Freight
Overseas destinations are shipped in containers by cargo ships or by air freight. Our international moving service includes full- service- pack, which is part of an international relocation. All contents are professionally packed in cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and your furniture is dismantled by our furniture fitters and professionally export wrapped. Our employees create an inventory list on site and list all the items contained in the shipment. We require these and other documents from you for the customs clearance of the removal goods. The documents required by customs include deregistration confirmations, passport copies, as well as registration confirmations, etc. Our service covers customs clearance and the associated administrative services for you. Our customs agent or partner also takes care of the import declaration and the import of the goods upon arrival. We make sure that your goods are delivered directly to your new apartment or house. The container is transported to your specified destination where the goods are unloaded by the team of our international partner, the furniture is reassembled and if you request, the boxes unpacked. Of course, the used packing material and the left-over debris will be taken away for disposal on the moving day.
Moving from Abroad or Overseas to Switzerland
Of course, we also offer the above service for deliveries from any destination in the world to Switzerland. In this case we would use our international partner for the origin service which includes packing and loading the container and the shipping. Upon arrival at the port in Europe, usually Antwerp, Helping Hand takes over the freight, delivers it to your new location, unloads the container, unpacks, assembles the furniture takes away the empty packaging for recycling. We are also happy to take on other services for you, such as art installations, waste disposal, storage, etc.
Sending Removal Goods and Small Quantities as Freight all over the World
For individual pieces or smaller quantities, we can also forward your goods as freight. For this, the goods must either be palletized or packed in a freight crate. We would be happy to assist with this, for example, we could collect the goods from your home, palletize them in our warehouse and have the goods picked up directly from our logistic center by the freight forwarder. Of course, we would be happy to create a tailor-made freight crate for you and have your goods packaged and shipped professionally. Do you only have a small package to send? We can also assist with this and send your parcels around the world. Please inform us about the pickup and delivery location, we will be happy to take over the entire organization and logistics from door to door.
Contact us and ask for a personal consultation. We are happy to assist you to make your international move and freight concern a success.

    International move made easy with Helping Hand

    In addition, we take care of all the formalities such as export and import customs clearance, shipping and all the related administrative work to ensure that your personal effects reach your new destination.