House Internal Moving and in-House Conversions

You are in movement. Why should your setup be static?

It often takes a certain amount of time after a move, until the optimal furnishings are found in your new premises and all the furniture is set up at the right place. Do you want to move a closet from one room to another? Or do you want to change or switch an entire room because you are expecting a baby and you need to make space for a children room? Would you like to have one or more items carried from the apartment on the fourth floor to the basement or vice versa? Or have you received a delivery of new furniture, but the logistic company only delivers to the front door and you need assistance to carry the items upstairs incl. unpacking and assembling? Helping Hand does not only do full moves from one apartment to another but is also available for in-house conversions in the same building. We convert the unpacking and assemblingfurniture internally according to your wishes and move your most precious and heaviest objects with the utmost care and competence. At the same time, we would be happy to advise you on the optimal positioning of your furniture. Of course, our furniture fitters and carpenters also take over the dismantling of the furniture and assemble them again in the place as requested. No longer used furniture or other bulky goods can also be removed and disposed of by our team at the same time.

Our experienced team is also at your disposal for internal relocation or internal relocation for moves in the same house, e.g., from one apartment to another.

Internal movin within the company

Changes in business relationships, such as those caused by Corona or other conditions, also require an internal change. For example, offices must be moved around, workplaces relocated and separated, or entire floors must be reorganized or relocated. The dismantling and assembly of your furniture as well as USM furniture will be carried out by our specialists or rebuilt as desired.

The right item at the right place!

Do you need to change anything within your company our household? Helping Hand can do that for you. We are professionals when it comes to moving and removing your items.