Full-Service Move

Luxury that you can (not) only wish for

Sit back and relax! Moving is already a very stressful affair. But you can completely rely on our full-service moving offer. We take over everything that has to do with your move from A to Z; Planning your move, packing boxes, dismantling furniture, transporting, setting up the new apartment including furniture assembly, up to unpacking, removing and disposing of unwanted packaging material and debris as well as installing and hanging pictures, lamps and artwork, all from one single source. Of course, the end of lease cleaning of the old residential property should not be forgotten, our cleaning team will also take care of this for you in our full-service moving package. In principle, you can give us the key to your old and new residential property, and you can go on vacation until we have fully completed the entire move. You can trust us to offer a reliable and highly trustworthy service. When you return, you can expect a fully furnished home that leaves nothing to be desired. On request, we can even organize a pick-up service at the airport and have you chauffeured straight to your new home. Everything your heart desires, for Helping Hand there are no wishes that we cannot fulfill. We would be happy to advise you personally on your project and would be happy to assist you.