External Furniture Lift with and without moving

Does your building not have an elevator? We have one!

Our external furniture lift is used if your apartment or office is located on the 3rd, 4th or 5th floor without an elevator, or if the access to the apartment has a narrow staircase through which the furniture does not fit. The prerequisite is that the lift can be set up and the access from outside is guaranteed. Of course, we will assess the situation on site and, if necessary, obtain approval from the owner or the authorities. A furniture lift is also often used to move large and bulky furniture that does not fit through the stairwell or is too heavy to carry. When moving, the use of the external elevator can save a lot of time and spares our staff as well as your furniture. We have the most modern equipment and furniture lifts reaching to a range of approx. 21 m. and approx. 400 kg. loads. Sometimes, however, a crane is required to move heavy objects and certain pieces of furniture such as heavy stone tabletops, jacuzzies, Grand Pianos or plant troughs. Our partner will support us with this, and we take care of the entire organization and coordination for you.