House or Business Premises Clearance

We clear your basement, your attic or even the entire apartment and clean it up. All items are removed by our team and either transported by truck or in a trough and disposed of properly. Different materials are sorted in order to reuse the recyclables. Hazardous materials such as chemicals are also separated and specially disposed of to prevent any risk to people or the earth. Useful objects are recycled and donated.

    Clearence service - Helping Hand

    We can clear entire buildings or rooms with great care so you can have a new home experience without having to re-do the entire building.

    Business clearence Zurich

    We were lucky enough to be able to clear for a lot of good businesses and have been able to gather a lot of experience when it comes to clearence of businesses.

    Disposal and clearence

    Whenever we need to dispose of an item, we work together with our recycling partner to ensure that everything is disposed of correctly. Sometimes we can re-use the goods that are supposed to be restored.