Collective Transports

For small amounts of disposal, it is often not worthwhile to call us up, so we offer you a NEW solution: the groupage. At least once a month, we drive to all registered customers in the Zurich region and around Lake Zurich and collect small quantities of waste. This includes cardboard, individual pieces of furniture, old and unusable items as well as usable things that you no longer want. Optimal solution for bulk goods disposal up to approx. 5m3. A collection fee or volume is charged and not by effort, so you save money and we save time.

    Zurich collective transport

    Do you have monthly goods you want to dispose of and picked up directly at your home? We offer an easy solution for you. We will come by on a monthly basis and pick up anything you don't want anymore.

    Collective transport: What can I dispose?

    You can dispose of literally anything. We will pick it up and bring it to our recycling partner so we ensure that it disposed of correctly.

    Collective transport: How it works

    We have a list of customers that have some form of disposal each month that they put out. We will come and collect the disposal for a fee of volume and not effort. We will come and pick it up for directly at your home.