Recycling and disposal

Recycling and disposal services - Helping Hand GmbH

Our broaching service is ready for your use! No matter whether packaging materials from the new cupboards or from moving or unusable furniture to clearing an entire house, no helping hand is too big. We clear everything out, transport it professionally and have it disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. With our groupage tours, it is also worth contacting Helping Hand for small loads.

- Apartment dissolution
- Clearances (private, store / local clearance, cellar, trade & industry)
- Bankruptcy proceedings and evictions of all kinds
- Bulky waste collection and disposal - clearing out (private household & commercial premises)

In Zollikon, Küsnacht or Meilen as well as in the entire Kanton Zurich, Helping Hand provides a private collection service for waste and bulky waste according to the customer's needs.

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Dismantling and Destruction

Helping Hand collects your bulky waste from your home. No matter if cupboard, sofa, old boards, mixed with metal and cardboard, we collect it and dispose of it properly. Usable recyclables are sorted and reused to save you costs.

Disposal service

Helping Hand offers a disposal service and also offers the opportunity to de-clutter your environment, either at home or in the office. A “spring clean” always holds surprises and unearths items that are no longer needed, or surplus to requirements, plus business archives and storage rooms must be vacated and maintained annually. We will take care of this so that each room is cleaned, cleared and left fresh and bright. We will dispose of a large variety of items in an environmentally friendly manner, for companies, individuals, house owners or administrators.


With larger evictions, it is often not worth driving a truck. There is a good variant here, a hollow. Available in various sizes and shapes, we offer you the right product to reduce costs and efforts for clearing. The container is placed as close as possible to the object. We load it up with our team, and then it will be picked up, transported and properly disposed of.

Collective Transports

For small amounts of disposal, it is often not worthwhile to call us up, so we offer you a NEW solution: the groupage. At least once a month, we drive to all registered customers in the Zurich region and around Lake Zurich and collect small quantities of waste. This includes cardboard, individual pieces of furniture, old and unusable items as well as usable things that you no longer want. Optimal solution for bulk goods disposal up to approx. 5m3. A collection fee or volume is charged, not by effort, so you save money and we save time.